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To make your own basic potting mix use one part combination humus and peat moss and two parts coarse river sand. Add some slow release fertiliser such as blood and bone or Dynamic Lifter.
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  November is the time of year to sit back and to watch your garden grow. Watch out for snails and remember to switch off your irrigation system to prevent overwatering.

  Weeding becomes quite a time consuming effort and care should be taken not to disturb the roots of certain plants like: Conifers, Lavenders, Teabushes and members of the Protea family. Many a plant has died as a result of these practices.

  Aphids and caterpillars are also very active this time of year.Watch out for them on your roses, Crinums and Arum lilies. Wear protective gear and do spot spraying in order to minimize the effect of insecticides on the environment.

  Remember: insects like ladybirds are an asset to your garden as they feed on aphids and redscale.


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